Vast-scale military drills: Maduro seemingly overreacts to Obama’s mysterious sanctions push

Vast-scale military drills: Maduro seemingly overreacts to Obama’s mysterious sanctions push

[Ed. – WTF is going on here?  Sure, Maduro is a Bolshevik-style thug, but so was Chavez.  Why is Obama imposing sanctions, and why now?  Maduro’s socialist pals are all getting their noses out of joint too — and frankly, that’s kind of understandable.  Something that’s not visible here.  Exercises with 100,000 troops are some BIG honking exercises.  See also here: sports teams think something big is going on, and they’re getting the heck out of Dodge.]

In response to US president Obama’s use of an executive order to sanction Venezuelan authorities, Venezuelan leader Nicolas Maduro requested decree powers to pass an “anti-imperialist law to prepare for all scenarios.” The National Assembly voted by majority their approval this on Wednesday morning. …

During this morning’s address, president Maduro ordered Venezuela’s armed forces to drill in “defensive military exercise” this Saturday, and invited the participation of people’s militias and the general public.

“Venezuela must be prepared, we must preserve (the country) as a land of peace,” he said. …

Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa announced yesterday that representatives of the Union of South American States (UNASUR) will meet tomorrow in Uruguayan capital Montevideo to prepare for a presidential summit next week in which the question of US interference in Venezuela will be discussed.

At next week’s summit, Correa told reporters, the bloc “will give the corresponding answer to that gross, illegal, shameless, outrageous, and unjustified act of interference by the United States in the internal affairs of Venezuela.”

For his part, UNASUR Secretary Ernesto Samper condemned the White House decision yesterday evening, saying “I don’t think it is good for a country to impose unilateral sanctions … the Venezuelan affairs have to be resolved by the Venezuelan people.”

The Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas, a trade bloc founded by Hugo Chavez and known by its initials ALBA, also released a statement Tuesday evening.

The categorizing of Venezuela as an “unusual and extraordinary threat” to US national security “constitutes an unprecedented aggression against that country and thus our region,” the statement reads.

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