The real reason Hillary Clinton is in trouble (and it’s not just the emails)

The real reason Hillary Clinton is in trouble (and it’s not just the emails)

The big revelation from the latest Clinton scandals is not that the former president and his wife are corrupt, low-rent, grabby, greedy, serial liars.

Everyone already knows that.

No, the revelation is the exposure of the dirtiest little secret of them all:

No one likes her.

This is the hard truth that has popped up like a vicious migraine: No one — not even many of her fellow Democrats and leftists in the mainstream media — likes her very much. Her negative poll numbers (particularly on issues of honesty and trustworthiness) have always been high, except during much of her tenure as secretary of state. But her negatives are now back with a vengeance.

Mrs. Clinton does have a core constituency, mostly unmarried women who consider her some sort of feminist heroine. And she is perennially on Gallup’s list of most admired women, mostly for her steeliness in the face of deep personal humiliation. But admiration does not translate necessarily into affection, and her core support, always narrow, is growing narrower by the day.

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