Man ‘very happy’ he fathered a child … with his mom

Man ‘very happy’ he fathered a child … with his mom

In an enlightened age, the simplest questions are often the most profound: What is love? What is a family? How related is too related?

Questions like these are the hallmark of quality social evolution…because there are no wrong answers. In fact, to answer at all might be bigoted; there is no wrong way to have a family.

Even if you’re a single man, who likes other men, and has a surrogate baby with his mother.

Living out his truth is Kyle Casson, a 27-year old British man who became the first single man in his country’s history to have a child through surrogacy…and “the first man to use his own mother as a surrogate host.

Casson said he was rejected by many fertility clinics, presumably because of his status as a single man. His mother was his “last resort.”

‘As long as people can provide a home, and they have the support, I don’t see why anyone should be denied the right to be a parent,’ Casson said.

That’s right! No single man should be deprived of his right to have a baby…biology be hanged. Let’s ask Mom.

 “When he first came to me and his dad, I thought ‘I could do it,’” his mother, Anne-Marrie Casson told the Daily Mail.

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