Blimey: UK nuclear weapons data stream routed accidentally through Ukraine

Blimey: UK nuclear weapons data stream routed accidentally through Ukraine

[Ed. – Bet this never happens to the Russians.]

Internet data from the UK’s Atomic Weapons Establishment and other sensitive information was being sent through Ukraine, by mistake, all last week.

As well as the nuclear weapons body, which is “responsible for the design, manufacture and support of warheads for the United Kingdom’s nuclear deterrent”, traffic from the Post Office and elsewhere was accidentally being sent through Ukrainian providers. The BT internet traffic should was being rerouted through Ukrainian internet provider Vega, but security experts believe that the problem was a mistake.

Data would not normally be expected to flow that way, and the diversion through Ukraine is far from the most efficient route. …

While most of the traffic that was flowing over the networks would have been encrypted and so wouldn’t have been able to be read, users snooping in on email traffic would have been able to see the IP addresses — and therefore the company and the potential location — of those involved. It’s impossible to tell whether any data was snooped on or lost as it was rerouted.

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