Will scandal sink Clinton’s nomination? Probably not.

Will scandal sink Clinton’s nomination? Probably not.

Just a few weeks ago, everybody thought Hillary Clinton would cruise to the Democratic nomination. But with recent revelations — the private email account, the foreign contributions to the Clinton Foundation — where does she stand now?

The short answer: she’s probably fine.

The longer answer requires some background about Democratic voters. While they all generally want more government, different groups have different priorities. This is why identity — racial, ethnic, and class — is so important in that party.

There are several groups to consider.

First, upscale liberals. They are mostly white, and prioritize issues like the environment, abortion, money in politics, and gay rights. Obama won them in 2008. These are the voters encouraging Elizabeth Warren to run, and they may take a look at Vermont SenatorBernie Sanders. Their numbers are not overwhelming, but their high participation rate makes them potent in low-turnout caucuses.

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