Those horrible Benghazi truthers should release THEIR emails!

Those horrible Benghazi truthers should release THEIR emails!

[Ed. – Well, that’s an idiotic thing to say.  Sure, everybody who ever demanded answers from a public official should have to do everything he’s asking the public official to do.  Right.  Less filling, and so helpful too.]

Clinton said that her e-mail use fully complied with all laws and that the system she used was safe and secure. That system, she said, had been set up for formerPresident Bill Clinton and had never been hacked. Which is saying a lot more than the federal government can claim. In 2013 alone, the federal government incurred almost 61,000 cyber attacks and security breaches. The State Department’s own e-mail system has been hacked on a number of occasions, most recently last year.

But that wasn’t enough for Gowdy [the cad!  He didn’t just take Hillary’s word for it!], who is baselessly calling into question the security of Hillary Clinton’s e-mail account.

The real issue for the Republicans isn’t national security, it’s keeping the partisan scandal alive. That’s why Gowdy wants Clinton’s e-mail server. Republicans want to rifle through Clinton’s strictly private e-mails to harass and embarrass her. Perhaps they’ll want to hire Ken Starr to do the snooping. …

Gowdy should apply the same standard he’s applying to Clinton to himself and his staff. They should release all their e-mail — public and private — unless, of course, they are the ones hiding something — perhaps their partisan motivations and strategic leaking to the media.

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