Fake UPS man puts gun to mother’s face — son intervenes with shotgun

Fake UPS man puts gun to mother’s face — son intervenes with shotgun

Twenty-four year old Belgie Tapia answered her door thinking that United Parcel Service was delivering her a package when a man put a gun to her head, telling her to get on the ground. However, her son intervened with a shotgun, saving her life and driving the criminals away.

Tapia told ClickOrlando.com, “I proceeded to open the door and that’s when he put the gun to my face and told me to lay down on the ground.”

The two tied Tapia up, using zip ties and duct tape.

“They proceeded to put the gun to my head and threaten me,” Tapia said. “If I didn’t find them anything of value they were going to shoot me.”

The man was wearing a UPS hat and shirt and so Tapia believed it was safe to open the door to the man.

The man, according to sheriff’s deputies, was 23-year-old Travis Brown. Brown also had an accomplice, 24-year-old Kayla Oharrow, who followed behind him into the house as they looked for something of value.

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