Bank records reveal Saudi millions behind Boston Marathon bombers’ mosque

Bank records reveal Saudi millions behind Boston Marathon bombers’ mosque

Foreign funding of mosques should and must be outlawed. It would dramatically curb the the spread of jihad and Islamic supremacism. The Saudis finance 80% of the mosques in America under the North American Islamic Trust (NAIT). Building Saudi fortresses in every village, town and city in America.

Jihad in America must be stopped. The Islamization of America must be stopped. Read our 18-point platform in defense of freedom.

We must act; otherwise you can expect a lot more sobbing parents: “The child lost so much blood, there was almost none left in his body.”…

The Islamic Society of Boston (ISB), whose Cambridge mosque the Boston Marathon bombers attended during their increasing radicalization, was in large part established with money from Saudi Arabian elites. Indeed, former Saudi Minister of Petroleum Zaki Yamani gave the keynote speech at the celebration marking the transfer of public City of Boston land to the ISB for less than 10% of its market value to build the ISBCC mega-mosque. Now, for the first time, Americans for Peace and Tolerance is making publicly available the names of wealthy Saudi and Gulf sources who together paid for over $8.6 million of the ISBCC mega-mosque’s $15.6 million price tag.

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