‘Supersonic’ UFO over California’s Silicon Valley baffles internet

‘Supersonic’ UFO over California’s Silicon Valley baffles internet

A four-second clip filmed from about 80 meters above the ground in California’s Silicon Valley has become the subject of an online debate, after it was posted to YouTube and Reddit.

The original shooter of the video, user 1Darmino, posted the clip to YouTube on Saturday, March 7, 2015, with the title, “UFO Caught in 4k with Drone.”

But another version of the video posted to YouTube by user gwhiz2k on March 6, is a “zoomed-in slow motion version” of the original footage that renders the fleeting passage of the UFO on the original clip more visible (see video below).

What is revealed in the slow motion version of the video is a small white object streaking at a very high speed across the sky, over California’s Silicon Valley, from the right to the upper left side of the video screen.

Even in slow motion you could still miss the white streak if you are not vigilant enough.

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