Bill legalizing school prayer passes AL House committee

Bill legalizing school prayer passes AL House committee

An Alabama House committee has approved the ‘Students Religious Liberties Bill’ which would prohibit school districts from discriminating against a student or parent because of a religious viewpoint or religious expression. It would also allow prayer in school, so long as the prayer is student-initiated.

“There’s a lot of hostility or animosity towards Christianity when we know our nation was founded on Judeo-Christian values,” says Rep. Mack Butler (R- Rainbow City). “This is not preference to any particular religion, but students will be able to freely express their religious viewpoints in artwork and course work and then at school, if the SGA president has the microphone or the valedictorian, and they want to pray, student initiated prayer is 100 percent guaranteed by the Constitution.”

Americans already have the right to free religious expression but this bill would require school districts to create policies to ensure that right. The House could vote on it next week.

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