You read it here first: If Hillary doesn’t run, here’s who will get the nod

You read it here first: If Hillary doesn’t run, here’s who will get the nod

Three predictions and a disclosure:

  1. Negative vibes about Team Clinton are strong enough that there will a spate of news stories just like this one, speculations about who the Democrats will nominate if not Her Inevitableness.
  2. The answer to that question is that the nominee will be Virginia Senator Tim Kaine.
  3. I will regret allowing my editor to actually publish this.

Disclosure: I offer this in the spirit of sports writing on things like the NFL Draft and the 2016 World Series.

There are paths to the conclusion that Tim Kaine would have to be the nominee — historical and process of elimination. We’ll start with the latter.

There are now three semi-official possible, maybe-candidates: Elizabeth Warren, Jim Webb and Martin O’Malley.  Warren and Webb won’t run even if Hillary is out. Webb has a track record of U-turns and soul-searching, Warren just won’t. O’Malley probably would run but he couldn’t get the nomination anyway because he’s vanilla Jello.

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