Think Clinton’s having a bad time now? Wait until she’s a candidate

Think Clinton’s having a bad time now? Wait until she’s a candidate

For the first time since preparing her presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton finds herself under siege. In the last week, she’s been taking heat for concealing personal correspondence by using a private e-mail when serving as secretary of State, and over foreign donations that the Clinton Foundation received at the same time she was the nation’s top diplomat.

The twin controversies are prompting certain Clinton allies to lament that if she had only announced her presidential campaign earlier, her operation would be able to do a better job at damage control. “We’ve had our head up our ass,” one anonymous Clinton adviser toldPolitico.

But in reality, her decision to wait until April to launch a campaign has been an overall boon to her prospects—allowing her to avoid weighing in on numerous controversial issues that are dividing her party. Indeed, Clinton’s stalling tactics are a sign that she understands the political environment better than the critics realize.

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