Parliamentary study: With projected cuts, foreign aid to outstrip defense spending by 2030

Parliamentary study: With projected cuts, foreign aid to outstrip defense spending by 2030

[Ed. – What is there left to cut?]

Britain is being left increasingly open to attack as a result of successive government’s failure’s to invest in the military. In the meantime foreign aid is perversely being doled out to countries that stand accused of funding terrorism.

This weeks report from the House of Commons Library begins to expose the naivety of the Con-Lab coalition in their failure to deliver the Nato agreed minimum of 2 percent GDP on defence spending. The report juxtaposes the government’s staunch protection of the foreign aid budget and predicts that foreign aid will outstrip defence spending by 2030.

The damning news has come in a week that has seen further Russian air force activity in the sky above the British Isles as well as a warning from Colonel Gaddafi’s cousin that Europe should expect a 9/11 style attack within the next two years. Meanwhile the US army General Raymond Odierno has expressed his great concern about Britain’s future defensive capacity. …

The Westminster Elite are not only ignoring the warnings from fellow Nato members. They are also burying their head in the sand concerning British Foreign aid that is being given to corrupt countries. In December 2014 Transparency International – an esteemed international anti corruption agency published a report revealing that through carelessly administered Foreign aid, British taxpayers’ are funding the ten most corrupt countries in the world. It is incredibly concerning that between 2014-15 David Cameron’s government has pledged £110m of British taxpayers’ money to Somalia – a country with strong links to funding Al Qaeda.

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