New Mexico HS students choose ‘Communism’ as prom theme

New Mexico HS students choose ‘Communism’ as prom theme

[Ed. – What a bunch of comedians.]

Being dubbed “prom-munism,” seniors at Cottonwood Classical Preparatory School chose the theme over “A Night in the Reef” — the prom is scheduled to take place at the Albuquerque Aquarium, according to KRQE-TV.

But was it all just a prank that went further than expected?

“We have a lot of jokesters in our grade, so they wanted it to be funny and a lot of them are really intense with politics,” senior Sarah Zachary told KRQE-TV. ,,,

School officials haven’t entirely conceded to the ill-fated conclusion just yet.

Sam Obenshain, executive director at Cottonwood, said he will discuss the matter with students next week, according to KRQE-TV.

“We want to make sure we honor the students’ voices but at the same time we use this as a learning experience for them,” he said.

To the surprise of few, left-wing websites celebrated the possibility. The headline of a Raw Story article covering the story began with: “Party on comrades!”

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