Man ordered to pay $30K child support even though DNA proves he’s not father

Man ordered to pay $30K child support even though DNA proves he’s not father

DNA sequencing has set a number of wrongly convicted innocent people free.

Or so you would think. At least that’s what Carnell Alexander thought.

A Detroit woman wanted to get state aid for her and her child back in the late 1980s. When she was informed that Michigan law requires the name of the father, she told them that Alexander was the child’s father. Once she provided the state with that information, she began receiving the welfare aid she hoped for.

Since Alexander was named as the child’s father, papers were filed requiring him to pay child support. Supposedly a process server served Alexander with those papers, however, it was later learned that the papers were never served because at the time he was in jail.

After being released from Jail, Alexander went about his life knowing nothing about the order to pay child support until one day when he was picked up on an outstanding warrant for being a deadbeat dad. This was the first Alexander knew anything about what was going on. When he asked for the name of the woman or her location, the state refused to tell him.

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