Democrat compares head of pro-abortion group to Moses: ‘Let my people abort?’

Democrat compares head of pro-abortion group to Moses: ‘Let my people abort?’

New York Times reporter Amy Chozick profiled Stephanie Schriock, the current president of Emily’s List, the PAC that supports only Democratic pro-abortion women. Hillary Clinton spoke at their 30th anniversary dinner on Tuesday night.

Schriock replaced the group’s founder, Ellen Malcolm, and Chozick strangely recycled a quote comparing Malcolm to….Moses. (I don’t think abortion is what he meant by “Let my people go.”) It’s no match for Netanyahu citing Moses in his address to Congress. It went like this:

Ms. Schriock cuts a very different profile from the group’s previous leader, Ellen Malcolm, an heir to an I.B.M. fortune who started Emily’s List in 1985, naming it for the saying “Early money is like yeast.” One Democrat compared the transition to trying to replace Moses.

The headline was “Leader of a PAC Built to Elect Women Faces Biggest Test in 2016.” Apparently the “pro-choice Democratic women only” part didn’t fit. But then, the liberal media imply that the only real women are the liberal, pro-abortion feminists. The pull quote inside the paper was “Trying to capitalize on donors’ fervor for a Clinton candidacy.”

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