ATF pretends it didn’t try de facto “Green tips” ban by quietly revising regulations guide

ATF pretends it didn’t try de facto “Green tips” ban by quietly revising regulations guide

[Ed. – Katie Pavlich highlighted what appeared to be a stealth “ban” yesterday, when she parsed the revised Firearms Regulation Guide that showed up in January WITHOUT Green Tips listed as an exempted munition under the ban of armor-piercing rounds.  ATF now claims the dog ate that paragraph.  Pavlich’s emphasis.]

Yesterday I exclusively reported that common AR-15 “green tip” ammunition has already been banned in the new 2014 Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Regulation Guide, which was published in January. After the story received wide public attention, which you can read in full here,  ATF released a response Friday night at 9:12 p.m. blaming a publishing error for stripping out the “armor piercing” and ban exemption for AR-15 “green tip” ammunition. …

Despite ATF saying there’s “nothing to analyze here folks,” this simple “publishing mistake” deserves scrutiny. Considering the Office of Management and Budget must approve new Regulation Guides, which come out approximately every 10 years, are difficult to change and take months to review, that’s quite the “publishing mistake.” As ATF references, the exemption for AR-15 “green tip” ammunition is in the 2005 ATF Regulation Guide. For this “publishing mistake” to occur, someone would have had to delete an entire section from the guide, which just happens to be the section about ammunition the Obama administration is currently trying to ban. …

Somehow this “publishing mistake” looks a lot like “deleting” ammunition ATF is trying to ban without the consent of Congress or a proper public comment period as required by law.

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