Sen. Menendez (D-NJ): Prominent critic of Obama’s Iran, Cuba policies; now facing fed. indictment

Sen. Menendez (D-NJ): Prominent critic of Obama’s Iran, Cuba policies; now facing fed. indictment

[Ed. – No administration that fails to bring charges against Charlie Rangel for his numerous and egregious violations of federal law can be taken seriously on this.  Of course it’s political payback for Menendez’s public criticism of Obama’s foreign policy.]

In what could be Attorney General Eric Holder’s last act in office, the Department of Justice is planning to bring corruption charges against New Jersey Democrat Senator Bob Menendez.

Senator Menendez has been under federal investigation for nearly two years concerning his alleged advocacy of the business interests of a Miami based ophthalmologist Salomon Melgen. The DOJ is preparing charges against Menendez because the statute of limitations on these charges are near their expiration date. Needless to say, Michael Warren of The Weekly Standard is calling shenanigans:

While the federal investigation has been ongoing, the timing of the charges is curious. Menendez has been one of the top Democratic critics in Congress of the Obama administration’s negotiations and forthcoming deal with Iran over the Islamic Republic’s nuclear ambitions. Earlier this year, the New Jersey Democrat said the White House’s talking points on the Iran deal were “straight out of Tehran.”

Last week, Menendez and Tennessee Republican Senator Bob Corker introduced legislation requiring President Obama to submit any nuclear agreement with Iran to Congress for a 60-day review. …

Well, having your Attorney General and closest political ally charge his own party’s top critic on any deal with Iran with corruption is one way to silence your critics.

I’ve said it before and I must say it again. President Obama plays for keeps and anyone who gets in his way faces ruin.

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