Ben Carson: Hillary’s marriage to Bill is ‘relationship of convenience’

Ben Carson: Hillary’s marriage to Bill is ‘relationship of convenience’

Retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, who this week opened an exploratory bid for the Republican presidential nomination, shrugged off the threat Democrat Hillary Rodham Clinton poses to the GOP, and even said her marriage to former President Bill Clinton was a “relationship of convenience.”

In an interview, the Tea Party superstar who made a name for himself questioning Obamacare, said Clinton would be a good candidate to take on because she has a rich and liberal past to focus on.

“If I were running, I would not be disappointed if that was the case because there are so many things” to address, he said, singling out her effort to push a health care reform.

“You look at her tenure as secretary of State and the proclivity for exaggeration of the danger she she faced and Benghazi. How are you going to spin that? Either you were totally irresponsible or you turned your back on your troops?” said Carson.

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