Colombia: Chinese-flagged ship found carrying ‘heavy weapons’ for Cuba

Colombia: Chinese-flagged ship found carrying ‘heavy weapons’ for Cuba

[Ed. – In theory, there’s nothing to be interdicted here — but it certainly puts in perspective Obama’s “reset” with Cuba.  The Colombians are concerned because they’re in talks with the FARC hosted by Cuba.  Yet again: drive on, citizens — nothing to see here.  Right.  The more tangled the tale, the more suspicious these things are.]

A mysterious vessel flying the Chinese flag has left a port in Cartagena, Colombia, after being stopped by local officials for carrying large amounts of undocumented, large-caliber firearms, en route to Cuba– where Colombia is currently staging talks with the terrorist group FARC.

Colombian newspaper El Universal notes that the ship appeared in a Cartagena port Sunday night and appeared to have documentation for all the cargo aboard. Its itinerary included a stop in Cartagena to deliver a shipment of tubes for a petroleum company in Cartagena as well as a stop in another Colombian coastal city, Barranquilla, and a final stop in Havana.

Colombian newspaper El Tiempo cites a source stating that the ship appeared to have a commercial shipment for Cuba. As a source tells El Universal, however, authorities inspecting the ship found a high number of munitions for heavy weapons, as well as gunpowder, long-range weapons, “and other weapons of war.” The ship’s paperwork made no indication that weapons were aboard as cargo; Colombian authorities only found the weapons through a routine narcotics inspection.

Cuban dissident outlet 14 y Medio notes that documents listing ships currently docked in Cartagena do not show any vessels arriving in from China, or flying the Chinese flag. El Universal published an update this morning on the story reporting that sources have identified the ship as “Dan Dan Xia,” though now there is no evidence of the ship being anywhere near the port of Cartagena– or its second destination, nearby Barranquilla. 

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