More British Muslims are fighting for the Islamic State than for the Army

More British Muslims are fighting for the Islamic State than for the Army

This British newspaper will give you all kinds of twisted, mental gymnastics for it — but there is only one. They’re Muslims, that’s why. For centuries, immigrants have come to the West seeking a better life, etc. — only Muslims come with a ready-made model of society and governance that they consider superior to that of the country they’re coming to.

This young Muslim who penned this piece says it is a “failure of integration in society that is causing young Muslims to wage jihad.” But what is causing that failure to integrate? Islam.

The young man who wrote this piece is not the problem. There is a problem in Islam — and we can’t talk about the problem.

“Why more British Muslims are fighting for ISIL than the Army,” By Zeeshan Hashmi, Telegraph, February 28, 2015

A former soldier whose brother was the first British Muslim killed in the war in Afghanistan says a failure of integration in society is causing young men to follow in the footsteps of Jihadi John

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