Westboro trolls announce they will picket Leonard Nimoy’s funeral

Westboro trolls announce they will picket Leonard Nimoy’s funeral

[Ed. – Not what Jesus would do.]

The Westboro Baptist Church hinted Friday at plans to picket Nimoy’s funeral, using a variety of slurs too offensive to be repeated here. …

Nimoy’s high level of fame and his large and loyal following made him an ideal target for the Westboro Baptist Church, a group that pickets funerals of soldiers and anyone with a high profile. The Westboro Baptist Church associated their picket threat with other Star Trek stars, and the things about those stars that the group opposes: George Takei and Zachary Quinto, who are openly gay (the WBC’s favorite conversation piece), and William Shatner, who the Westboro Baptist Church claims “hates God.” …

It’s worth noting that the Westboro group doesn’t always show up when they threaten, and, perhaps more encouraging, that when they do show up, there are frequently counter-protesters, who hold up their own signs, or even block access so that the group can’t get close enough to the event to cause extra pain to the family.

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