Rick Perry at CPAC: America ‘survived’ Jimmy Carter, we’ll survive Obama

Rick Perry at CPAC: America ‘survived’ Jimmy Carter, we’ll survive Obama

[Ed. – Easier said than done]

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry invoked the ghost of administrations past when enumerating America’s trials and tribulations at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) Friday morning.

“We had a civil war in this country. We had two world wars. We had a great depression,” Perry said, speaking to a crowd of Republican supporters in Maryland. “We even survived Jimmy Carter. We will survive the Obama years too.”

Perry’s mention of the 39th president–and conservative bogeyman–drew thunderous laughter and applause from attendees. It was a light-hearted pivot away from the issues of economic recession and unemployment that Perry touched on during his speech.

“I’ve never been more certain than I am today that America’s best days remain in front of us. The weakness and incompetence of our government shouldn’t be confused with the strength, the ingenuity, and the idealism of the American people,” Perry said. “It’s too durable to be side-tracked by one confused administration.”

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