Hysterical moms stage ‘nurse-in’ after tweet about public breast-feeding

Hysterical moms stage ‘nurse-in’ after tweet about public breast-feeding

[Ed. – It’s the height of selfish intolerance to demand that everyone witness first-hand everything that you feel is important to do.  People can agree on how to accommodate breast-feeding in public places — but not if one party refuses to make any concessions at all.  For crying out loud, women, grow up.]

Mothers upset over a Goodwill employee’s tweet about breastfeeding plan to stage a “nurse-in” protest Friday in response.

Emma Ingram said her son got hungry while they were checking out at the Goodwill store in McMinnville this week, so she started nursing him.

Ingram said the cashier didn’t seem to mind, but she later saw a tweet Tuesday night that seemed to be referencing her.

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The tweet, from a woman who identifies herself as a Goodwill employee, read, “So I totally had a lady come through my line today while she was breastfeeding her baby. #OnlyAtGoodwill #SawHerNipple”

Screengrabs posted by the Paa.la blog show the woman then responded to Twitter users who were offended by her tweet, saying “That’s why we made breast pumps. Pump your breasts and bottle feed.”

The blog post quickly spread online, eventually reaching Goodwill of the Columbia Willamette.

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