Ben Carson defends Obama to make his case for 2016

Ben Carson defends Obama to make his case for 2016

A gathering of staunch conservatives is perhaps the last place President Obama might expect to find defenders of his performance as the nation’s chief executive.

But that’s what Ben Carson did Thursday at the 2015 Conservative Political Action Conference near Washington, D.C. As Republicans with limited governing and executive experience make their case for 2016, they’re up against one of the GOP’s most solid lines of attack: that Obama’s bad choices abroad and disastrous domestic leadership resulted from his having arrived in the Oval Office an unproven amateur who had never run anything.

But Carson, the retired Johns Hopkins brain surgeon who has exploded as a conservative favorite, said Obama has actually been quite successful in winning two terms and implanting a left-leaning agenda, even in the face of broad popular opposition to the results of his policies.

“I would say that the president has done a very good job. It’s just that what he’s doing is contrary to what most Americans want,” Carson told theWashington Examiner during a brief interview.


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