Scott Walker flap shows how political media actively loathe Christianity

Scott Walker flap shows how political media actively loathe Christianity

If the constant media haranguing of Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker over his religion tells us anything, it’s that the political media absolutely loathe what they perceive as authentic Christianity.

First, there was the ambush against Walker about whether he believed in evolution. Then, there was the question from two Washington Post reporters about whether Walker believed President Barack Obama was a “real Christian.” And over the past couple of days, writers from several outlets have begun to mock Scott Walker’s habit ofpraying to God for guidance.

It’s easy to see why they’re doing what they’re doing: they think Christianity is a wedge issue. Just get a candidate to confess that he actually believes what the Bible says, and the American people will turn against him and never look back. Oh, a candidate believes the 3 billion base pairs that comprise the human genome didn’t arrange themselves randomly? Throw him in a lake and see if he’ll float. A politician won’t opine on whether a man who cynically used Christianity as a shield for a blatant same-sex marriage lie is a “real Christian” or not? Burn him at the stake. A governor who claims to seek God’s divine guidance via prayer didn’t write down every single prayer and file it away so know-nothing progressives could one day FOIA proof of his super silly prayer life? He’s obviously not fit for higher office.

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