Obama doesn’t have to say he loves us; just ask Plutarch

Obama doesn’t have to say he loves us; just ask Plutarch

Rudy Giuliani feels unloved. And he suggests you should feel that way, too, thanks to a compliment deficit from our cheerleader in chief.

As you’ve probably heard by now, last week Giuliani accused President Obama of not really loving his homeland, or its virtuous people.


After his remarks ignited a firestorm, Giuliani began citing evidence for his conclusions. Maybe Obama loves his country, he demurred to Bloomberg Politics, but “he doesn’t express it.” Giuliani told the New York Times that he wished Obama would “give a speech where he talks about what’s good about America and doesn’t include all the criticism.”

Now, as Post fact-checker extraordinaire Glenn Kessler has explained, this characterization of Obama’s speeches seems off the mark; on many occasions Obama has shown no dearth of effusion for this country….

But let’s say Giuliani’s portrayal was indeed correct. Let’s say Obama was less than ebullient about his patriotism and less than prolific with his declarations of love for his country.

Would that really be so telling? Since when did the willingness to offer unadulterated praise become the primary measure of love?

For thousands of years, the West’s greatest thinkers and writers have warned of the dangers of precisely this conflation.

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