UCLA student govt openly discusses rejecting committee candidate because she’s Jewish

UCLA student govt openly discusses rejecting committee candidate because she’s Jewish

[Ed. – Turns out that if you steep young people in anti-Jewish thought, they think it’s normal.]

In a debate that put the essential racism and intolerance of leftist politics on full display, a University of California, Los Angeles student was almost denied a position on a student government committee recently solely because she is Jewish.

In an op-ed last week in the campus newspaper, “The Daily Bruin,” UCLA student Rachel Frenklak recounted how some members of the Undergraduate Student Association argued that her roommate, Rachel Beyda shouldn’t be appointed a justice to the Judicial Board of the Undergraduate Students Association Council because her Jewish heritage represented a “conflict of interest.”

Her qualifications for the post, Frenklak wrote, were unquestionable. …

And indeed, although the council members unanimously agreed with this assessment, “half of the council had strong reservations stemming from Rachel’s Jewish identity,” Frenklak wrote. …

The council members were ready to table the appointment for a later date. It took a faculty advisor to grease the skids: Frenklak wrote:

The initial telling vote of 4-4-1 was dismissed when Cultural Affairs Commissioner Irmary Garcia said she was “not ready” for the vote. A faculty member in attendance eventually stepped in to point out the problems with the council’s reasons for denying Rachel the position. …

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