Sophisticated ‘mystery tunnel’ discovered near Toronto’s Rexall Centre sports venue

Sophisticated ‘mystery tunnel’ discovered near Toronto’s Rexall Centre sports venue

[Ed. – Whoa.]

A sophisticated tunnel has been discovered near a major sports venue and a university in Toronto, sparking new terror fears as Canada remains on edge over the threat of possible extremist attacks.

A municipal worker was walking through woods close to the city’s Rexall Centre last month when he spotted a piece of corrugated metal on the ground, the public broadcaster CBC said on Monday.

After lifting up the metal, he uncovered the passageway, also situated near York University. It was around seven meters (23 feet) long, 2.5 meters (eight feet) tall, and was lit by an electric generator.

The walls and ceilings had been reinforced and tools had been left inside. …

Toronto is hosting the Pan American Games in July and the Rexall Centre is one of the venues. The facility is also used for major tennis events. In August, it will host the Rogers Cup women’s contest. …

Authorities have now filled it in the passageway, but police were tight-lipped about what its purpose might have been. CBC said authorities had ruled out the possibility of it being a drug lab.

Canadian authorities are currently on alert following two Islamist-influenced attacks last year that resulted in the deaths of two unarmed soldiers in Ottawa and Montreal.

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