How Obama’s ‘anti-extremism summit’ actually helped ISIS

How Obama’s ‘anti-extremism summit’ actually helped ISIS

A summit on violent extremism was recently held at the White House, and its purpose was supposedly to deal with terrorism and other radical violence. However, an expert on national security just revealed that Barack Obama’s summit may have had the opposite effect, and actually helped Islamic extremistsinstead of the United States.

Dr. Sebastian Gorka serves as an expert on military theory at Marine Corps University. In a recent editorial piece, Gorka argued that America’s enemies have been empowered by the Obama administration’s tone-deaf response to terrorism.

The White House could have used the recent murders by the Islamic State group as examples of extremism, and focused the outrage from those atrocities into a clear strategy against Islamic terrorism. That’s not what happened.

“Instead, the president spoke of the real grievances the Muslim world has had with the West, the danger of Islamophobia in the U.S., and the need for more community outreach,” stated Dr. Gorka in Breitbart News.

In other words, the summit reinforced the idea that America was to blame for the world’s problems, and that radical terrorists had legitimate grievances.

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