Swedes as dumb as we are about ‘racist’ language

Swedes as dumb as we are about ‘racist’ language

[Ed. – Well, as dumb as some of us, anyway.]

Sweden’s Ornithological Society has renamed a number of bird species amidst fears that their old names could be considered racist. Amongst others, four bird species with the word “neger” in their name will have it changed to “svart”, the Swedish word for “black” instead.

The changes came after the Society decided to compile a definitive list of the Swedish language names for all bird species. Other changes include renaming swifts, which are known as “kaffer” or “caffer” in Swedish, as the word sounds too similar to “kaffir”, which they say is a derogatory word used by white South Africans for black South Africans, The Local has reported. …

Other alterations include renaming a species of dabbling duck, which will no longer be known as “hottentots” as that term was used by colonialists for an indigenous South African tribe called the Khoikhoi. It is thought to refer to their language, which uses clicking sounds.

And “Zigenarfågel” which translates as “gypsy bird” will take on the English name “hoatzin”, a type of tropical pheasant found in swamps and forests.

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