Sen. Hillary paid women 72 cents for every dollar paid to male employees

Sen. Hillary paid women 72 cents for every dollar paid to male employees

Hillary Clinton portrays herself as a champion of women in the workforce, but women working for her in the U.S. Senate were paid 72 cents for each dollar paid to men, according to a Washington Free Beacon analysis of her Senate years’ salary data.

During those years, the median annual salary for a woman working in Clinton’s office was $15,708.38 less than the median salary for a man, according to the analysis of data compiled from official Senate expenditure reports.

The analysis compiled the annual salaries paid to staffers for an entire fiscal year of work from the years 2002 to 2008. Salaries of employees who were not part of Clinton’s office for a full fiscal year were not included. …

When Clinton’s staff salaries were separated by year, 2005 showed that women earned a slightly higher median salary than men.

In other years the results were far worse—in 2006, women earned 65 cents for each dollar men earned, and in 2008 it was 63 cents to women for each dollar to men.

By comparison to a cross-section of all workers in the District of Columbia, women earned 90 centsfor each dollar earned by men, a significantly smaller pay gap than in Clinton’s office.

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