Why should telling the truth about Islamism offend peace-loving Muslims?

Why should telling the truth about Islamism offend peace-loving Muslims?

Is it really so hard to tell the truth in a way that doesn’t tar all Muslims with a terrorist brush? One reason I don’t think so: Three years ago, Bassam Tibi, a Syrian-born, Germany-based, “Arab-Muslim” political scientist, published “Islam and Islamism.” Based on four decades of research in Muslim lands, Mr. Tibi concluded that there is an ideology called “Islamism,” and that it is drawn from Islam’s sacred texts and traditions. Nevertheless, Mr. Tibi makes clear, it does not follow that “fighting Islamism is tantamount to declaring all of Islam a violent enemy.”…

Members of the Muslim Brotherhood wear ties rather than turbans, but they believe in what Mr. Tibi calls the “Islamist claim to supremacy (siyadat al-Islam),” the conviction that Christians, Jews, Hindus and Buddhists are inferior and that their inferiority should be reflected under the law.

At a recent National Prayer Breakfast, Mr. Obama told Christians not to get up on their “high horse” in light of all the “terrible deeds” committed “in the name of Christ.” What soft bigotry leads him to believe that while Christians should contemplate the link between their faith and the Inquisition, Muslims are incapable even of considering a connection between the Islamic State and the Islamic faith?

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