Benefits cut for seriously disabled child because she’s ‘not disabled enough’

Benefits cut for seriously disabled child because she’s ‘not disabled enough’

A severely disabled girl who needs round-the-clock care has had her benefits taken away because her dad works in Germany.

Ava Jolliffe, 8, from Preston in Lancashire suffers from rare Brown-Vialetto-Van Laere syndrome and her mum, Laura, is her full-time carer.

The condition, of which there have been only 73 cases in 100 years, means that Ava cannot stand or walk without help, she is deaf, cannot speak, has limited vision and it will only get worse.

Her mum and dad, Graham, 45, and Laura, 43, are determined to give her the best life she can live.

But they have now been told the carer’s part of Ava’s Disability Living Allowance has been stopped, forcing them into a world of worry about what that means for her future.

The couple were initially told the cash had been stopped because Ava’s disability was not considered serious enough to qualidy.

But later the Department of Work and Pensions said it was due to dad Graham working in Germany, with the DWP claiming that country is responsible. They added Ava should never have been given the carer’s portion of DLA in the first place.

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