Prank call led employees to destroy Circle K where they were working

Prank call led employees to destroy Circle K where they were working

[Ed. – The news affiliate swears this is true.]

Police say the employees thought they were following instructions from a security company, but it was a prank call.

It’s a bizarre story that left a convenience store in ruins. …

Globe Police say the joke went too far, and it’s no laughing matter.

“I couldn’t believe the damage that I’d seen today, it was ridiculous,” said Lorraine Phillips.

The prankster called in and posed as Circle K corporate security, they claimed a fire alarm was going off and he instructed the employees to do certain things to stop the alarm.

“The first thing they asked him to do was discharge a fire extinguishers inside the fire, which apparently did not raise any alarms when they did that. Even though there were customers inside the store,” said a spokesperson with the Globe Police Department.

The caller then went on to tell them to throw the extinguishers through the windows, which they did. …

Circle K Corporate asked FOX 10, not to run this story. Globe Police are investigating the prank, but they could only shake their heads in wonder, and wonder why they did what they did.

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