Green hell: More mass transit, more sexual groping victims

Green hell: More mass transit, more sexual groping victims

It’s an easy choice–let yourself be repeatedly sexually groped by a pervert, or accept the consequences  of global warming. Which would you choose?

Riders of the LA transit system make this choice every day, and I’m proud to say that they put the needs of the globe above their own petty discomfort.

More than one in five Metro passengers were subjected to unwanted sexual advances or behavior while riding Metro trains and buses in Los Angeles County during the first half of 2014, according to a new survey.  As part of a semi-annual customer review, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority asked more than 22,000 bus and rail passengers if they had experienced “unwanted sexual behavior including, but not limited to, touching, exposure, or inappropriate comments” over a six-month period.

About 22% of passengers, or 4,850 people, said yes.

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Now, we know how important mass transit is in the fight against global warming. If people used their own cars, they would vastly increase the global greenhouse gas emissions which would increase global warming.  Global warming drowns liberals in lower Manhattan and Santa Monica, gives polar bears sunburn, makes the temperature hotter, and colder, and makes it rain more, or less, and snow more, or less, and causes hurricanes during hurricane season.

So what’s a little groping compared to all that?

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