Denmark’s Jewish radio station shuts down broadcast for first time ever

Denmark’s Jewish radio station shuts down broadcast for first time ever

[Ed. – We’re writing new “banner years” with our lives as they are lived today.  Years like “1938” are only a memory now; in the future, it is years like 2015 that will be written in blood.]

Last night, for the first time in its history, Denmark’s sole Jewish broadcast station Radio Shalom did not air. Its programming, a mix of Jewish news, culture and music, was shut down by its proprietor on the advice of the country’s security services. “PET says it’s too dangerous,” station head Abraham Kopenhagen told the Danish paper DR Nyheder. “We do not feel that it is too dangerous, but we respect the information we are given.”

The station was offered police protection if it chose to continue broadcasting, but Kopenhagen did not want to work under such conditions. “We must do as instructed, but we will not have police standing outside the door,” he said. “We would rather close down until it is quiet again. I do not know how long that will take.”

Radio Shalom is not the only Jewish institution to shutter its doors in the wake of theshooting at Copenhagen’s synagogue that left one dead and several others wounded. Copenhagen’s Caroline School, one of the oldest Jewish schools in the world, has closed down as well.

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