Mark your calendars: US announces Iraqi army to retake Mosul in April or May

Mark your calendars: US announces Iraqi army to retake Mosul in April or May

Ain’t modern war grand? You don’t win it by killing your enemies or even mentioning the ideology that drives them, but by building better hashtags and shushing all criticism of the enemy at home. And when the time comes to actually fight, you make sure that your enemy has plenty of notice as to when you’ll show up:

The US wants Iraq to launch its offensive to retake the strategic northern city of Mosul from the Islamic State group in April or May, military officials said.

Make sure you let them know exactly how many will be coming, too, because it’s embarrassing if the host doesn’t have enough bullets to go around:

Mosul is believed to be held by 1,000-2,000 IS fighters and 20,000-25,000 Iraqi troops are needed to carry out the offensive, an official with US Central Command said on Thursday.

“The mark on the wall we are still shooting for is the April-May timeframe,” the official said, adding that because of Ramadan and the increasing heat of summer, “it becomes problematic if it goes much later (than May).”

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