Bill O’Reilly rebuts magazine account that he embellished war reports

Bill O’Reilly rebuts magazine account that he embellished war reports

Did Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly inflate his own wartime reporting experiences? A piece in Mother Jones, posted on the magazine’s website late Thursday, charged that — similar to Brian Williams, who has been suspended by NBC without pay for six months following a since-recanted claim about a wartime experience — O’Reilly too had inflated his stories about covering the Falklands war in 1982 for CBS News.

But unlike Williams — who remained silent after an on-air retraction — O’Reilly immediately went on the offensive, returning calls to reporters to blast the Mother Jones account and its author, David Corn, a former Fox News contributor and the magazine’s Washington bureau chief.

In a call Thursday night, O’Reilly told me: “He’s a far-left guy trying to damage me, and timing this [story] to Williams.” He added: “Everything I’ve said about my reportorial career [in books and on TV] has been accurate. There is not one thing that has been embellished or fabricated. Not one thing.”

“These people will say and do anything because they know they can get away with it. They will report anything and they know they can do damage. I’m lucky I can fight back. Most people can’t — they get slimed.”

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