School calls 7th-grade girl’s bare shoulders ‘sex objects’

School calls 7th-grade girl’s bare shoulders ‘sex objects’

Ari Waters went through her closet to find a dress to wear to a school dance. She ended up choosing a yellow one that belonged to her sister.

“The yellow dress was just right for me. It fit me perfectly. It wasn’t inappropriate,” said Ari, a 7th grader at Mt. Orab Middle School.

But Ari said she found out the dress violated the school’s dress code after she went into the gym. She said a male teacher told her to put her coat on over her sleeveless dress. A friend who was wearing a dress with spaghetti straps was told the same thing. Ari said she felt embarrassed and asked her mother to pick her up because other girls that wore more revealing clothing were not asked to cover up. Ari’s mother, Gina Waters, said she demanded an explanation from the school’s vice principal.

“I said what’s wrong with her bare arms? And she said ‘they are sexual objects’ and I said whoa, wait a minute,” Gina recalled.

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