Gee, who might be tagging D.C. with swastikas and ‘Allahu akbars’?

Gee, who might be tagging D.C. with swastikas and ‘Allahu akbars’?

[Ed. – That’ll learn ’em to let the peaceful-community vibe decline so much in the District.  And yes, this is Northwest, where the cool kids live.  Remember this?  It was tweeted at the same time D.C. residents say the tagging started.]

Anti-Semitic, pro-terror graffiti continues to plague an affluent neighborhood in Washington, D.C., causing worry among some residents as anti-Jewish incidents continue to spike across the globe.

A swastika with the words, “F***ing D.C. cops” was spotted this week along 19th and N Streets NW in the Dupont Circle neighborhood in downtown D.C., according to residents and photographs obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

The anti-Semitic image is the latest in a months-long string of similar drawings spray painted on sidewalks and buildings in the Dupont Circle area.

The unknown vandals have repeatedly gone after Jews and have expressed support for the Islamic State, according to a number of photos obtained by the Free Beacon as investigated over several months. …

Residents said the images first appeared in August and spread. Some included Jewish stars accompanied by the words “Allahu Akbar” written in Arabic.

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