How Republicans could sabotage the first black female Attorney General nominee

How Republicans could sabotage the first black female Attorney General nominee

[Ed. – How much self-serving, victimist blather can one black writer squeeze into 183 words? Here’s your answer.]

If it weren’t for all this snow falling in the nation’s capital, you’d probably catch a glimpse of that perfect storm brewing over President Barack Obama’s now-famous executive order on immigration reform.

It has, once again, emerged as a point of contention on the salted streets between Capitol Hill and the White House, with the forecast telling us that this one shows no signs of letting up. Department of Homeland Security employees are biting their nails to the nub in anticipation of another budget-related shutdown; undocumented immigrants fret over the specter of deportations; and the sister who could become the nation’s first black female attorney general is suddenly in a state of confirmation limbo.

On the last point, Republicans have managed to cook up a nasty Black History Month calculus wherein they could successfully sabotage Obama’s nomination of Loretta Lynch to become the first black woman running the Department of Justice—and get away with it—since folks these days seem more interested in Amber Rose and Khloe Kardashian’s Twitter beefs than they are in the possibility of a failed Lynch nomination.

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