Why does ‘creepy uncle’ Joe Biden get a pass from liberals?

Why does ‘creepy uncle’ Joe Biden get a pass from liberals?

I was a 20-year-old-liberal during the 2008 election—you know, the one about Hope and Change. Once Obama picked his running mate, I remember not knowing too much about Joe Biden, but being most excited by the concept of him: the middle-class straight-shooter from Scranton, Pennsylvania. Despite being unwieldy and faux pas-prone, I felt he was more authentic than the politicians I grew up with (The Clinton and Bush families).

Sometimes this “authenticity” led to mishaps. It was clear from the beginning that Biden’s personality would be a gift to American pop culture. And the gift would just keep on giving: He would go on to call health care reform a “big f*cking deal” on mic. He wears aviators and leather jackets and took this picture while buying ice cream:

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