State Dept warns Americans about attack threat against U.S. embassy in Kabul

State Dept warns Americans about attack threat against U.S. embassy in Kabul

[Ed. – Taliban didn’t get the memo: the war’s over!]

Reported by our friends at Gateway Pundit, “The State Department issued a little noticed statement on Saturday warning of an “imminent complex attack” on the U.S. Embassy in Kabul, Afghanistan, telling Americans to avoid the area around the embassy.”

“As of February 2015, militants are preparing an imminent complex attack against the U.S. Embassy compound in Kabul City, Afghanistan, from a location near Massoud Circle. The U.S. Embassy is taking this threat seriously and advises American citizens to avoid the area.” Massoud Circle was the location of a deadly suicide bomb attack last September claimed by the Taliban.”

Funny how this is hardly being picked up by any of the mainstream media.

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Needless to say I traveled through Massoud Circle quite a few time,s as it is a well-known centerpiece of the city — and therefore a target. And the U.S. Embassy is located less than three miles away. …

I know, President Obama has it all under control while he’s on a golfing trip to Palm Springs, California — you know those selfie stick videos take a toll. …

Just another day in the global Islamic jihad — then again, these are just armed insurgents, not terrorists and after all, Obama declared that combat operations had ended. Unfortunately, no one on the enemy side got the email or hard copy of that policy.

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