Obama vows to ‘squeeze every last little bit of change’ out of final two years

Obama vows to ‘squeeze every last little bit of change’ out of final two years

President Obama on Friday night returned to his core 2008 themes of hope and change, telling Democratic party loyalists that he intends to challenge “cynical politics” during his final two years office.

Speaking at a party fundraiser in San Francisco, the president blamed Democrats’ poor showing in the November midterm elections on voter apathy driven by frustration and anger with government. He said low turnout largely is to blame for the GOP gaining seats in the House and capturing control of the Senate.

But Mr. Obama said he still has two years in office and intends to use that time to strengthen Americans’ faith in Washington.

“Part of my goal is also to restore a sense of possibility in our politics and our government. And in some cases, that means challenging folks who are practicing the worst kind of cynical politics, and a politics based on fear rather than hope,” he said. “In some cases, it’s going to be finding areas of cooperating with Republicans. In either case, we’re going to need people like you to support these ongoing efforts.”

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