Thor: If you want really long screeds, change a comic book character from male to female

Thor: If you want really long screeds, change a comic book character from male to female

[Ed. – Of course it was stupid to make Thor female.  Thor was stupid in the first place, so there was really nowhere to go, but a female Thor is like matter-and-antimatter-locked-in-the-corridor-to-the-alternate-universe-for-all-eternity stupid.  Naturally, it’s therefore 762-comments-and-counting stupid, over at Breitbart.  Maybe indignation at the wussification of the comics cosmos will end up saving us all.]

Thor a woman? It’s hard to believe the most macho, overtly masculine character in the comic canon could possibly be reimagined as a broad. But that’s almost certainly precisely the reason Thor was chosen: as a f**k-you to so-called nerdbros from the achingly progressive staff of today’s comic book establishment.

This has led to some questions from comic book fans. Questions such as: will Wonder Woman turn out to be a tranny? Is the Incredible Hulk only incredible because he endured cruel fat-shaming as a teen but didn’t let his size define him? And shouldn’t Spider-Man be a gay latino?

That last one’s not a joke, by the way: in 2011, Marvel unveiled a bisexual Spider-Man that was half-black and half-latino, called Miles Morales, to the consternation and confusionof ordinary comic book fans, as part of its Ultimate series of character reboots.  …

What sticks in the craw of the fans I’ve spoken to about female Thor is how utterly transparent the political posturing is behind the change. No one likes their thunder stolen but there is simply no good literary justification for making Thor a woman, they say–and the results have been execrable. You can write intelligent satire about masculinity without making a classic masculine icon into a girl, an observation that seems to have escaped Marvel’s writers.

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