Man-dolphin sex: A (new) normal love story

Man-dolphin sex: A (new) normal love story

Ah, love. The all-important height of emotion, the be-all and end-all of existence, the ultimate good in the universe.


To me, love might be a mother holding her baby close, or a man risking his life to save his wife from danger.

To you, love might be having sex with a dolphin.

But who am I to judge? It’s all the same love.

The latest segment of our brilliant love rainbow is the story of Malcolm Brenner, who because famous as the man who had sex with a dolphin. He has written a book about his “consensual sexual relationship” with a female dolphin called Dolly, who he considers the love of his life. He met her in 1970, at a Florida amusement park, when he was taking photographs for a children’s book.

Now his love story, which even Huff Post calls “disturbing,” is the subject of a new documentary, coming to a film festival near you. Seriously.

The “critically-acclaimed, award-winning” short film, Dolphin Lover, details Brenner’s affair with Dolly in emetic detail (which I will spare less enlightened readers).

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