The horrific part of black history no one mentions during Black History Month

The horrific part of black history no one mentions during Black History Month

The primary “events” in black history most often highlighted during Black History Month include slavery, segregation, civil rights demonstrations and Martin Luther King.

But there is another tragic part of black American history being made right now that is rarely discussed, and cannot be blamed on racism or discrimination.

It is the self-destruction of the black family.

The Washington Examiner reports that “a comprehensive survey of U.S. Census data finds that the nuclear American family, where both biological parents are at home, is in meltdown, with blacks teens being hit especially hard with less than 2-in-10 15-17-year-olds living with mom and dad.”

The study, prepared by the Family Research Council’s Marriage and Religion Research Institute says just 17 percent of black teens live with their nuclear family, an all-time low and down from 38 percent in 1950.

“FRC Senior Fellow Bishop E.W. Jackson, addressing the situation with black teens, said, “The crisis, one related directly to marriage and the role of the church, has social and moral dimensions which have created an accelerating downward spiral — children raising children; young men looking for affirmation of manhood through gangs, violence and fathering children without taking responsibility for them.”

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