‘I don’t have a college degree’

‘I don’t have a college degree’

You may have watched the news recently and seen people up in arms over comments made by Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. He “punted” a question on evolution from a reporter, because you know… it’s irrelevant. And of course he is walking around every day, unapologetically not having a college degree and, as we’ve recently learned from our friends in the media, that means he’s a rube and shouldn’t sully the chair at the presidential desk with his uneducated ass. The fact that he also punts on the question of evolution just proves that the guy didn’t even pay attention in biology! What a moron!

I wish I could say it was typical elitist behavior of liberals, but sadly, I have seen people that are less likely to vote for Barack Obama, backing this point of view. They too are falling into the trap that a college education automatically makes a candidate more qualified to be president than one who does not have a college education.

Now, if you’re like me, you’re quick to point out that George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Jackson and several others that you may recognize as former presidents, didn’t have those educations either.

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