Um, why is U.S. sending millions in foreign aid to China?

Um, why is U.S. sending millions in foreign aid to China?

[Ed. – Even $10 would be too much.  Let’s get real here, people.]

In 2014 the U.S. State Department and its USAID program provided nearly all of the $12.3 million in taxpayer-funded aid set aside for China. And another $6.8 million is on tap for Beijing this year, according to …

A spokeswoman for USAID said this year’s funding was being directed to programs in Tibet, an unrecognized state within the People’s Republic of China that has continually sought independence from the country. USAID will contribute $4.5 million to the total requested $7 million. …

William Wilson, a senior research fellow at The Heritage Foundation who spent several years working in Beijing, said the aid is meant to be an investment to promote U.S. interests that will eventually produce a return for the U.S. in terms of greater environmental protections, greater human rights and improved democracy and rule of law. He said taxpayers shouldn’t be too concerned unless the money ends up being wasted on unsuccessful projects.

“It’s small; it’s to promote American interests. The big question is, is it working? That’s hard to say,” Mr. Wilson said. “Does it have a positive rate of return? If it doesn’t, then it’s a waste of money.”

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